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Parenting in the age of AI with Leslie Salgado

March 08, 2023 Lisa Bush / Leslie Salgado Season 7 Episode 4
Stories Within Us
Parenting in the age of AI with Leslie Salgado
Show Notes

In the second episode of our two-part series, journalist, photographer, and AI researcher Leslie Salgado guides me step by step through AI ethics, ChatGPT, and parenting in the age of AI. Leslie explains, "Their world is going to be heavily influenced by AI… For me it's not about prohibiting or denying that reality. It's about educating them and educating ourselves." 

Leslie explores the need for ethics-driven AI, explaining,  "We need to go a step back and think of what triggers the innovation. What triggers those people to create a new tool, to create a new technology… Why are we creating this? For which purpose? Is it for sustainability? Is it for profitability?"

About Leslie Salgado

Journalist, photographer, and AI researcher Leslie Salgado is a Doctoral Student at the University of Calgary. Her current area of research includes Human-Centred AI, intersections between communication and AI ethical values, Online Trust and Safety, and Technology and Democracy. She is a former Public Communication Officer for UNESCO as well as a Broadcast Journalist for Canal Habana. Leslie worked as Professor at the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana. Her recent solo photography exhibition entitled, Emotions Allowed, explores the range of human emotions. 

Connect with Leslie:

IG: @lesliebayamesa

Linkedin: Leslie Salgado Arzuaga


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